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Skeletor Cosplay Commission

April 20, 2015


Hey all!

I am really excited to be able to finally share these Skeletor photos. From the moment I first saw the whole thing together (costume, makeup and the amazing Rob Archer) I was so so excited to see the final photos and be able to share them with you all!

I was suggested for this project by the wonderful Karli Woods (of Geekin' Gorgeous) and I am very grateful she thought of me! The costume was made entirely by me, and I came up with the exact design details. A full run down of the making of this costume can be found here.

This project was arranged by the wonderful photographer Blake Morrow and he did an amazing job! I cannot express how happy I am with these final images. They don't even look real Rob looks like an action figure!

Rob's fantastic makeup was done by Arron Knox with assistance from Melanie Rivest-Knox and it took almost three hours! I am in awe of their work, also of Rob for being able to stand there so long while being painted!

Karli has some wonderful videos of behind the scenes which can be found here, and my gallery of the photos can be found here!