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Costumes Added, New and Old

March 26, 2014

Hello Everyone!

The website is coming along nicely, and now I finally have a site that shows most of my costumes! I have to admit when I finally put this together I was really surprised to see how many costumes I have actually made and worn. Check out the costume page to see them all! There are still a few costumes missing from here but I should have most of them up within the next few days or so!

I have been really inspired lately to make a whole bunch of new costumes, including some original design costumes. Truth be told I have been far more driven to do original design costumes than recreation ones so I think a lot of the upcoming ones may be original designs!

In other news I have been doing some guest appearances at cons lately, both Fan Expo and Toronto ComiCon. I have found while doing those that I really love doing panels and helping people so I will be looking to do more in the future at various conventions I am planning on attending! I will certainly keep up posting what events I will be at in the future!

I think that's all I have to post for now~