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Con Bravo Rundown!

July 22, 2014

Skunk Hoodie Selfie

Hello lovelies,

It has been a while since I have posted an update here, and I thought it was time to remedy that!

As many of you are already aware I attended Con Bravo this last weekend. I had some concerns and difficulties leading up to the convention (which I won't get into here as they all turned out to be fine) and was actually rather dreading the weekend. I had assumed that I was going to go, fulfil my panel obligation and want to go home.

Boy was I wrong, and boy am I happy about that! This was my first time attending this particular con and I had a complete blast! I ran five panels, which ended up being six hours of panelling all together. My co-panelists, the attendees and the con staff all assured it was a blast. My Panels were Pattern Drafting and Alterations on Friday (a review of which you can find here), Choosing and Using Fabrics, Cosplay for Beginners and Working with Resin on Saturday, and finally Making Spandex Manageable on Sunday. I went through a long period of not really being sure if cosplay and conventions had anything for me anymore and then I discovered panelling and realised I LOVE helping people and sharing all the strange knowledge I have learned, which has really revitalised my love of conventions.

As stated I had a blast doing my panels, but on top of that I got a chance to check out a couple panels, chat with many cosplayers, chat with a few guests who helped me make the day of someone I love who couldn't attend the convention and got to do a couple fun photoshoots! I didn't have any big new costumes, I did however wear my dinosaur hoodie I made and never got to wear for Anime North, and I spent the Thursday before the convention making a Bumblebee hoodie and a Skunk hoodie to wear the other days. All things considered, though I would have loved to have a big costume, I was super happy I decided to wear hoodies all weekend. I felt adorable, and was super comfy all weekend XD

Depending on how my August goes I am hoping to possibly stop by Otakuthon, however my next event I know I will be at for sure is Fan Expo Canada. Once again I am lucky enough to be attending as a cosplay guest (my con profile can be seen here) and in celebration of this I will be posting a ton of new content leading up to the event. Every Wednesday I will be posting a new gallery here, and I will be posting every day or two with new content over on my Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Cheers for now, Lee